The Anatomy of a Small Business

The human body is a wondrous thing. With so many parts having different functions, it is mind-blowing how they can all perform their own roles so seamlessly, like a perfect machine that stays on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. As it is, small businesses can only ever hope to achieve the same efficiency and control. However, these two things are similar enough that it is easy to draw parallelisms between small business and the human body. The anatomy of a successful business is not that different from your own, so let’s look at the different parts that make it up.

The brain.

intelligent-brain smaller Image from:

Maybe a number of disgruntled and unhappy employees would disagree with this assessment, but we can consider the bosses and the owners to be the brain of the business. Whether they are smart or not is yet to be determined, but it is true that major decisions and calls go through them and that they are the ones who pretty much tell everyone else what to do. Just as a person’s arms and legs will not just suddenly move somewhere without the brain telling it to, a business doesn’t move forward without the head to lead it.

As with any hierarchy, businesses need someone at the top rung to be calling the shots. Good leadership is therefore crucial and determines whether a business makes it or not. Think of it this way: a person attains success through a combination of skills, smarts, and hard work. It’s still possible to be successful without the big brains, but having them definitely gives you an edge. The same is true for business.

The heart.

Employee-Heart-FormationImage from:

The heart makes sure that the entire body gets all the blood it needs, blood that brings oxygen to the cells as well as fights off infections, viruses, and diseases that may threaten the existence of a body. For a business, the employees are its heart, because while the bosses are important, it is the underlings who make everything happen. From the greeters at the door to the employees at the counter, from the handymen to the customer service personnel, all of these people work together to keep the entire business alive.

The thing about the heart is that it has a certain rhythm. Running perfectly well, this rhythm is smooth and continuous, but any irregularities and you are going to have a problem. This is exactly why teams need to work well together. If they cannot work smoothly and as one, the rhythm would be off and that could very well spell disaster for a business. Hire carefully and hire well, and your business’ heart will surely beat loud and clearly.

The blood.

dollar-boatImage from:

Customers are the very people who really keep business afloat—at least their money does. When a business has customers who keep coming back and availing of products and services, it is able to grow and develop over time. Having no blood at all would mean bankruptcy for a business, something like the brain, heart, lungs, and other organs slowly suffocating because no oxygen is reaching them.

In real life, the body simply produces its own blood. In business, however, it is a hard task to keep on attracting and building relationships with customers so that they would keep spending their money. In this sense, businesses really do have it hard, because they’ll never know when they’ll simply run out of blood one day because of a marketing mistake, defective products, or any other reason. Businesses are all about pleasing the customers and even relenting that “customers are always right” (even though they are not), and that’s because customers really are that important to survival and success.

Just as the body is not only composed of the brain, the heart, and blood, there are also many more aspects to small business than this. Big or small, these different parts each have important purposes to fulfil, and it only takes one thing to go wrong for everything to collapse into itself. Each day sees the birth and the death of a new person just as it sees the creation and failure of a new small business, and that’s really how life is. It is how society and nature has come to be, and it is the world that we live in today. The hard part is figuring out how to survive in it.


2 thoughts on “The Anatomy of a Small Business

  1. Very interesting analogy. I particularly like the analogy of employees to heart. They are truly the heart of your business. You have to make sure it is functioning properly (employees are doing their job well) to keep the whole machine going. The day they malfunction the body (business) will start deteriorating.

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